Are you searching for a fun filled hands-on science and technology experience for your child? Are you interested in an exciting, but inexpensive Saturday activity for your child that gets them excited about using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) ?

S.O.S is for you! It is 2 ½ hours of fun filled science.

SOS is hosted at Sunnybrook Christian School, Stillwater, OK
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Costs and Location

Each session is $15 per student.  Shopping on Saturday is $50 for the day (including lunch and snacks).  SOS is hosted at SunnyBrook Christian Church.

Session Times

Session One 9 AM – 11:30 AM          Session Two 1 PM – 3:330 PM

Sessions Available

1st grade – 2nd grade

Wipe Out!
Have you ever wondered why tornadoes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters happen?  Want to know how lightning is formed?  Learn this, create your own tornado, make a model volcano, and more!

Geology Rocks!
Do you ever wonder about what you’re standing on?  Learn about the layers of Earth and how erosion changes the top layer by making a “sandwich Earth” and acting like wind and water!

Whale of a Tale!
Do you ever wonder how whales talk or how they get so big?  You will explore how they stay warm in frigid waters and how they find food while you learn and hear stories about different kinds of whales!

3rd grade – 4th grade

What a Drag…
Why do you slip on ice sometimes?  Why can’t you ride your bike on grass as fast as you can on concrete?  Find this out and more by learning about friction with slipslides, Hotwheel cars and ramps, and rollerballs.

London Bridge Isn’t Falling Down
Have you ever wondered why skyscrapers and bridges don’t fall down?  Learn about structures by constructing buildings out of straws and simulating an earthquake to see how they hold up.

5th Grade and Up

Lego Robots (Morning Session)
Learn to program and drive a Lego robot!  Explore the basics of robotics and programming a robot to complete specific challenges.

Extreme Lego Robots(Afternoon Session)
If you have used Lego Robotics before, or if you attend the LegoLobos in Training, test what you have learned by performing even more difficult tasks with your robot!

Physics, “Phorces”, and “Phun”!
Have you ever wondered why you need to wear a seatbelt in the car?  How do you know you won’t hit your head when you bungee jump?  Solve these problems with physics and technology!

Fantastic Flight!
What keeps airplanes in the air?  Can you really make a rocket from a drinking straw?  Can your paper air plane beat the world record?  Discover this and more as you have fun in fantastic flight!

This page will be active in September. Please check in a few days.  This is where you will register for the classes and get additional information.

To get on the mailing list, send an email to ronmarkum@ronmarkum.com



SOS is adapted from and used with permission of the Edmond Santa Fe Robotics Team.

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