Rainstorm Robotics

Rainstorm Robotics started in 2007. We travelled to the tri-state competition in Amarillo, TX.  We won second in the robot competition and placed first in the overall competition. We qualified to go on to the world championship in Atlanta, Ga.  We didn’t do so well at the championship but had a good time. Team members were Adam Ferguson, Josh Ramsey, Samuel Hardy, Tom Lu, Brandon Rhodes, Gus White, Matthew Markum,


FLL Missions

Mission Assignments for Rainstorm
MissionStudent% Complete
Pollution ReversalAaron
Corn HarvestDevon, Haucheng
Pizza & Ice CreamParker, Matthew
Farm Fresh ProduceDevon
Distance TravelAlex, Noah
Cooking TimeDan, Alex, Noah
Storage TempAlex, Noah
Pest RemovalJeremy, Ian
Refigerated Transport
GroceriesCassidy, Sierra
DisinfectCassidy, Sierra
Handwash BacteriaJeremy, Ian
Handwash viral
Good BacteriaStay in Base

FLL Snacks

Rainstorm and Cyclones Snack Schedule
Send an email to me with the date you'd like to provide the snacks.

Sept 29Ron Markum
Oct 6Vinh Le
Oct 13M. Preston
Oct 20G. Chakraborty
Oct 27Aidan Moore
Nov 3
Nov 10

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