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Game Animation
FMS White Paper
Ultamte Assent Field Tour
Manual and Field drawings  For the tower, look at the team “Team Drawings” link.  I suggest making the following changes to the tower.  1.) Instead of using 1-1/4″ black pipe, use 1-1/4″ EMT (electrical conduit).  The conduit is available at Lowes and is 1/3 the cost of black pipe, easier to cut, easier to move around and is closer to the actual OD of the tubing used in competition.  2.) Reduce the size of the U-bolts to 1-1/2″ ID in order to fit the EMT tubing.  If you go with smaller U-bo0lts, shift the U-bolt holes in the plywood plate to maintain the centerline of the horizontal pipe rails.  3.) Reduce the size of the hole in the plywood plate to 2.25″  Even with the best construction, the tower is shakey so make sure to build it as tightly as possible.

If you want to see the actual competition tower look at the “game specific drawings”  The tower drawings start on page 34 of the 146 page PDF.
Other Info
DB37 Ribbon Cable Assembly Rework Instructions  (CHECK YOUR CABLES!!!)
Classmate E09 Imaging Supplement 02
Installing the 2012 DriverStation on a non-ClassmatePC_Rev1

Resetting you robot’s wireless communications after the regional event for “home” use.
You will need to completely reset the bridge by following the procedures starting on page 29 located here.  We had trouble resetting the bridge back to factory settings, here’s what worked for us.  Unplug the bridge’s power.   Make sure the mode switch is set to AP.  Find a small paper clip or screw driver and hold the reset button for a very slow count to 10 and release.  Apply power.  After a few seconds the Power and Access Point lights should be solid blue (not flashing).  Now, repeat the reset process with the power connected, (hold the reset button in for a slow count to 10 and release).  After several seconds the light on the front should flash and then go solid again.  At this point the bridge is reset to the default IP address of  MAKE SURE YOU DO STEP #2 ON PAGE 32. (note1)   Follow the remaining pages of instruction.  After you set the new IP address on the bridge, your browser will probably hang up because the Computer’s IP address and the bridge’s IP are no longer compatible.  Change your computer’s IP back to your team number IP and reconnect.

Note1.  The instructions for changing the computer’s IP is at the top of page 16 in the above link.

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